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My Shellfish Bisque

Jersey Crab Bisque with white crab meat I’ve recently featured a lot of soup recipes. From a really tasty store

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A Taste of Jersey Summer – Confit Byaldi

We are coming to the end of a beautiful Jersey Summer. What do you think of when you think of food and Jersey summer? Is it some of our amazing seafood? Fresh strawberries and thick Jersey cream? We are lucky to have so much fantastic food right on our doorsteps from the humble hedge veg, dedicated producers big and small, and all fishermen and farmers. I think this rather special version of Ratatouille called Confit Byaldi captures the best of our island, our horticultural heritage, and delicious sun-ripened local produce.

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The Best Garlicky Roast Chicken

Garlic Roast Chicken -stuff the cavity with a big handful of fresh herbs tarragon, parsley, thyme and lots of oregano, add a lemon, then sprinkle with Jersey sea salt and a good twist of fresh black pepper from the mill and add lots of sliced garlic.

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An Island Chef

New Features

Every recipe now comes with a list of allergens
Suggestions for beer and wine pairing
New easy recipe format with a direct print button

Welcome my An Island Chef blog where I hope I can pass on my passion for good honest cooking and my love for local food and produce. I am a full-time chef and writer  lucky enough to live and work in the Channel Islands. So I am able to cook fabulous dishes like grilled Channel Island Oyster with Liberation Blonde Ale and a stunning version of Ratatouille using the summer’s aubergines, courgettes and peppers.

Confit Byaldi - a type of Ratatouille
Confit Byaldi

I’ve now worked on six islands hence the title of the blog. I have cooked in probably just about every type of place you can imagine, from beachside burger joints to famous pizza restaurants, in more than a few really good food pubs, and a former UK hotel of the year. So whether you are looking for some terrific top tips – like how to peel root ginger with a spoon or maybe you just fancy something a bit different like Chriozo jam!

It doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a knife or a pan, follow the techniques and recipes and  you will be able to make some really fantastic food. Just as important I hope you and your family have fun. I am posting some of my favourite recipes from over twenty-five years of cooking experience in professional kitchens and just as importantly from at home with my family. So whatever food you like, baking – there are lots of yummy cake recipes, barbecues, Chinese, I love Chinese food, Italian, sweet or savoury you can explore the blog easily via the archive, search option or just browse the My Recipes page.

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