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Welcome to An Island Chef

I hope to pass on my passion for great food, local food, and good cooking.

It doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a knife or a pan

if you use my recipes and follow the techniques you will be

able to make some really fantastic food. Just as important I hope you have fun.


If you want to bake something brilliant with your children

Transform the contents of your cupboards into tasty treats

Try some incredible dishes from around the world

Show-stopping Vegetarian Dishes

Create spectacular food to amaze your friends there is a recipe for you


I am posting some of my favourite recipes from over twenty-five years of cooking experience. in award winning pubs, bars, restaurants, some very special hotels and just as importantly from at home with my family. So whatever food you like, baking, barbecues, Chinese, Italian, sweet or savoury you can explore the blog easily via the archive, search or just browse the my recipes page.