Real Men eat Quiche

I like proper quiche, the Quiche Lorraine, rustic FrenchΒ cooking, crisp pastry filled with a thick layer of creamy, wobbly egg custardΒ flavouredΒ only with some fried cubes of really good bacon.


I come from a family of serious meringue fans, the marriage of whisked egg whites and caster sugar, the crispy meringue shells, dried in the oven overnight and sandwiched with thick cream and topped with fresh berries and the show-stopping Pavlova with its chewy, marshmallow-like center.

Strawberry Milkshake and White Chocolate Cupcakes

The secret of this recipe to use Nesquik milkshake powderΒ which gives a real milkshake flavour to both the cake and the topping and I added another childhood favourite some white chocolate buttons to give it my own little twist.