How to Grill – UK BBQ Week

Adjusting the temperature is easy with a gas fired BBQ you can simply adjust the flames on a charcoal fire, once the coals are glowing and turning white your best method is to move the distance between the grill and the coals. The higher the grill the lower the direct heat.

Texas-style BBQ Sauce and the Most Important BBQ That Never

Jetton catered for the first barbecue at the White House and continued to do so during LBJ's term in office. When he decided not to stand for re-election LBJ hostedΒ oneΒ last farewell barbecue on the White House lawns for over two hundred friends and supporters. The Texas-style ribs must have been quite special as theΒ Swiss-born, formally trained, White House head chef Henry Haller, wrote in his The White House Family Cookbook, " He did a terrific job and I was most impressed with the results. His barbecue sauce avoided all of the common flaws (oversweetening, overcooking, excessive thinning) and by serving the sauce separately, he also avoided drying out the meat. "

BBQ Pork Ribs

Celebrate Independence Day in Style with Perfect BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs

I am a massive fan of big, hearty, smoky American cooking. I love eating with my fingers, any chicken on the bone and of course sticky ribs in BBQ sauce, so much so that I have even bottled my own rib sauce. There really is something special in the combination of flavoursome ribs with the meat almost falling off the bone and a spicy, sweet, sour, sticky finger licking sauce